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Extremely few translation companies are 100% dedicated to the medical industry like MediqTrans. We learn a lot from being in our unique position of servicing a fast-growing and increasingly regulated industry.

We are medical translation specialists.

This blog allows us to share some of our learnings as we partner with and provide medical translation services to pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, clinical research organizations (CROs), and other medical enterprises.

MediqTrans acquires Digital Marketing Translation Agency Attunemen

2nd Jan 2017 – MediqTrans and Attunemen to deliver Digital Marketing and Ecommerce centric translation services to Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Organizations.

MediqTrans Secures Translation Service Agreement with Haemophilia & Renal Leader for 36 Languages

22nd Jun 2016 – MediqTrans Secures Translation Service Agreement with Haemophilia & Renal Leader for 36 Languages. Partnership to Drive Translation Best Practices, Global Compliance, and Expected to Drive 30% Cost Savings.

Are there 1 or 2 medical translators working on my document? Why does it matter to me?

19th Oct 2015 – Translation Review refers to the audit of an initial medical translation, performed by a second medical translator. Is this really needed and why? Which medical companies and translation service providers practise this?

Good quality medical translations cost too much?

26th Aug 2015 – Keen to achieve the same good quality medical translations using a smaller budget? Or interested in maintaining your current spend while getting much better medical translation quality? Read this to find out how.

Official rebrand of MediqTrans business operations

9th Aug 2015 – In conjunction with Singapore’s SG50, golden jubilee anniversary of Singapore’s state of independence, MediqTrans has officially rebranded its business and has started accepting medical translation requests directly.

Expansion of online support channels

1st Aug 2015 – With a massive pool of qualified medical translators across multiple languages, to drive maximum operational efficiencies across MediqTrans, and return those efficiencies back to clients, MediqTrans has decided to drive and expand its customer support channels via digital channels.